Natural loofah facial disks 5pcs


For soft face peeling! Mini Loofah small discs 7,5 X 7,5 cm.


Loofah is a natural external hard sponge used in the bath to purify your body. Mini Loofah discs are prefered for mild face peeling when used with soft moves as they remove dead skin cells and help blood circulation.Simply hydrate,apply face cleanser on smooth side and exfoliate your face, neck and decolatage, rinse and repeat twice a week.

All discs are biodegradable and reusable.

Each package contains 5 pieces of loofah facial discs.

Size in inches approxSize in cm approxUsage
1.5-23.8-5 Facial care, Tampon
2-2.53.8-6.3 Facial care, Tampon
2.5-3 6.3-7.6 Facial care, Tampon
3-3.5 7.6-8.9 Body care,Facial care
3.5-4 8.9-10 Body care,Baby bath
4-4.5 10-11.4 Body care,Baby bath
4.5-511.4-12.7Body care,Baby bath
5-5.512.7-13.9Body care,Baby bath
5.5-613.9-15.2Body care
6-6.515.2-16.5Body care
6.5-716.5-17.8Body care
7-7.517.8-19Body care
7.5-819-20.3Body care
8-8.520.3-21.6Body care, Decor
8.5-921.6-22.8Body care, Decor

For the size of each sponge the measurement is made along the length of the sponge when wet.

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