Natural Sea Sponge Hard Type


This sponge is ideal for cleansing and exfoliation of your skin.

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Each Hard type natural sponge from AG Sponges has the following characteristics:

100% organic, hypoallergenic and toxin-free.
Eco friendly : fully biodegradable.
Antibacterial :exfoliates, leaves your skin radiant and smooth .
Anti odor.
Healthy and skin friendly.
Super elastic and durable.
Super soft and at its normal size when wet.

Natural sponges are Super Long Lasting (2- 6 years) when rinsed off thoroughly under cool running water and dried before the next use.

For the size of the sponge the measurement is made along the length of sponge.

100% made with natural ingredients Earth friendly products 100% Hypoallergenic product

Size in inches approxSize in cm approxUsage
1.5-23.8-5 Facial care, Tampon
2-2.53.8-6.3 Facial care, Tampon
2.5-3 6.3-7.6 Facial care, Tampon
3-3.5 7.6-8.9 Body care,Facial care
3.5-4 8.9-10 Body care,Baby bath
4-4.5 10-11.4 Body care,Baby bath
4.5-511.4-12.7Body care,Baby bath
5-5.512.7-13.9Body care,Baby bath
5.5-613.9-15.2Body care
6-6.515.2-16.5Body care
6.5-716.5-17.8Body care
7-7.517.8-19Body care
7.5-819-20.3Body care
8-8.520.3-21.6Body care, Decor
8.5-921.6-22.8Body care, Decor

For the size of each sponge the measurement is made along the length of the sponge when wet.

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1.5-2 inches, 2-2.5 inches, 2.5-3 inches, 3-3.5 inches, 3.5-4 inches, 4-4.5 inches, 4.5-5 inches, 5-5.5 inches, 5.5-6 inches


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